Current Lab members

Suzanne Fredericq in the lab in 2010

William Schmidt showing off "Gigartina" skottsbergii from the Antarctic Peninsula in 2010

Thomas Sauvage and Olga Camacho concentrating in STRI's Bocas del Toro Lab, Panama, in 2008

Joe Richards just loves his banana in 2011

Suzanne Fredericq, Professor of Biology

William Schmidt, Postdoctoral Fellow

Olga Camacho Hadad, graduate student

Dagoberto Venera-Ponton, graduate student

Joseph Richards, graduate student

Thomas Sauvage, graduate student

William Gardiner, undergraduate student

dept. biology, university of louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette LA 70504-3601;  tel: 337/482-1291 & 482-5057